What if I’m a Toilet. Test: How Much are You Toilet

    Megapolis. There are a lot of people around, and everyone constantly needs to eat and drink. And there are toilets somewhere nearby. Do you suspect yourself of kinship with the latter? Ask yourself what should I do if I’m a toilet? This article’s for you.

    What’s a toilet bowl:

    The toilet’s a modern plumbing fixture for the hygienic management of a person’s natural needs, such as emptying the intestines and the bladder. And sometimes the stomach (how not to bring myself to the last, read in the article «how to stay sober.»)

    Man-toilet? Is this possible?

    If you really are a toilet, you can work extra fine as a bio-toilet at folk festivals in the center of the city. And also satisfy your need to be humiliated.

    As you can see, being a toilet’s not so bad, but are you really it? Let’s check!

    Test: how much are you toilet?

      Your house looks like a toilet.Hardly having seen you, the girls, without hesitation, take off their panties.As a child, you bathed in the bathroom, not with rubber, but with a toilet duckling.Instead of a toothbrush you have a toilet brush.You are very attached to the central sewer.Your girl thinks she’s a Bidet.You know for sure what’s golden rain.Your food leaves much to be desired.You are constantly washing away.You wear a rim.Once every 2 weeks you disinfect under the rim so that germs don’t accumulate there.You stand the weight of a 200-kilogram man, who sat down from above.

    That tellings are about you? Every single one gives you 1 point.


    Got 1-5 points? You are a person-mood, witty and sexy, like music and tasty food. But not a toilet.

    Got 6-9 points? Not a bad result. Surely you are related to plumbing, or you have pants-trumpets. But it’s possible that you have missed a bit with the perception of yourself, and are, for example, shaurma or shampoo, which’s washed by Volan de Mort.

    10-12 points: Congratulations, you are a toilet!

    What if I’m a toilet?

    • Head to the Moscow metro. There’s no toilets there and you can be gilded. Just stand in the corner of the transition with a sign, and do your usual business.

    • Don’t keep bad thoughts and substances in yourself. Use your connection to the central sewer system, and all bad things’ll go away! Even if you’re shamed directly into the soul, and even spit on top, it’s okay — the cloak’ll always help ease your load.

    • Make sure that they don’t throw paper in you. Let always there’ll be an inscription: «Don’t throw toilet paper in the toilet! There’s a fine.» You can order yourself a T-shirt, or a cap. You’ll be as unusual as your world view.

    And there are no problems!

    Here the basic tips for you, our toilet friends. Be happy doing your job! We love you and appreciate you, no matter what!

    Just sat on the toilet? It’s time to read how to properly wipe your butt.

    If it already sticks, and the toilet’s still far away, read: how to start running.

    Want to lose weight, but reset it only sitting on the toilet? Perhaps you’ll be interested in the article «why you can’t starve for weight loss.»

    Источник: lifeo.ru

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